Emergency Telecommunicator/911 Operator (Dispatcher)

Emergency Telecommunicator/911 Operator (Dispatcher) Full Time / Part Time

Job Titles: Full-Time Dispatcher / Part-Time Dispatcher
Salary: Full-Time: $30,000.00 yearly / Part-Time: $10.50 hourly

General Statement of Duties:

• Receive incoming calls from the public, county departments, or other departmental or law enforcement personnel; and performs necessary documentation.

• Receive 911 telephone calls.

• Provide professional contact with private citizens and public officials related to the activities performed by the Communications Division.

• Maintain radio communications with all personnel (local, county, state, federal) involved in public safety utilizing the Department’s radio frequency as per established protocol and procedures when applicable.

• Establish and maintain liaison with all local, county, state, federal officials and other public officials related to aspects of the Communications Division when applicable.

• Maintain communication on a daily basis with immediate supervisor.

• Maintain liaison with other divisions of the Department.

• Coordinate and prioritize calls for service involving Law Enforcement other agencies, Emergency Medical Services, and Fire Departments.

• Perform such other duties as may be assigned.

Required Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:

• High School Graduation or its equivalent.

• Clerical work experience or any equivalent combination of experience and training which provides the required knowledge, skills, and abilities.

• Must be able to work shift work.

• Must be able to work holidays, weekends, and overtime including days off.

• Must be able to multitask and work under high levels of stress for 8-12 hours.

• Strong typing and computer skills, excellent people and communication skills.

Applications may be obtained from this website or directly from the Liberty County Sheriff's Office.