Correctional SERGEANT Liberty County Jail








·         Responsibilities include, but are not limited to, the supervision, custody, care, safety, control and physical restrain (when necessary) of inmates, all investigations and background checks with the facility, and investigation and notification of Warden, Liberty County Sheriff’s Office; Sheriff, Chief or Captain.




·         Supervising inmates in housing units and those segregated for administrative or punitive measure; instruct inmates in housekeeping and sanitation; supervise the issuance of clothing, and other personal effects to inmates.


·         Making periodic patrols of quarters and work areas and initiate counts of inmates at regular and irregular intervals.  Maintain control and discipline, including use of physical restraint and restraining devices, and prevent the introduction of contraband into the facility.


·         Maintain a periodic patrol on the inside and outside the facility to ensure the security and integrity of the facility.   Monitor, supervise, and screen inmate visitor traffic, observe traffic in and around the facility.


·         Supervising inmates throughout facility, including, but not limited to, those working on details inside the facility performing unskilled and semi-skilled work.


·         Observe for signs of disorder or tension and report such observations to higher authority; counsel with inmates.


·         Maintaining a record of equipment, supplies and other items needed to operate a shift.  Forward supply and other items request form to Supply Officer when such items are needed.


·         Maintain and demonstrate proficiency in the use and care of firearms, restraint methods and equipment and emergency measures.


·         Maintain knowledge of communications and other electronic equipment.


·         Maintaining master inmate location counts and directs the entire operation of the Control Room.


·         Initiate and participate in search of inmate work areas, recreation areas and housing units to prevent the introduction of contraband.


·         Maintaining proper security of inmates being transported; ensure that all transportation permits are completed accurately and signed by appropriate authority; institute proper restraints as appropriate for the inmate’s custody classification.


·         Direct Correctional Officers in preparing reports such as special progress reports, minor work, disciplinary or incident reports.


·         Conduct investigations as requested by Warden, Deputy Warden or Liberty County Sheriff’s Office; Sheriff, Chief or Captain.


·         Conducts required background check of employees.


·         Investigates and evaluates claims made by inmates, staff and general public.


·         Maintains an open line of communication with inmates, staff, law enforcement agencies, other government officials and the general public.


·         Facilitates prompt and appropriate assistance to mates in the event of injury, illness and emotional trauma.


·         Performs other duties as assigned.




·         Must be a High School graduate or possess an equivalency degree with a minimum of one-year experience in a correctional facility.  Must be of good moral character and have the ability to lead and command respect of staff and inmates.


·         Understand the legal rights of inmates, staff and general public.  Have an understanding of interviewing and investigative techniques including effective methods of obtaining information from hostile or reluctant individuals.


·         Must possess average skills in oral and written communication.  Have the ability to effectively interact with individuals from varying backgrounds and ideologies.  Have the ability to listen, analyze and react to problems and crisis, within time constraints.


·         Must be able to regularly report to work without being late.

·         Ability to be physically alert on any shift that is assigned.

·         Ability to work up to sixteen (16) hours within a rolling 24 hour period.

·         Work experience in a correctional setting preferred.

·         May be required to possess a valid state driver’s license.

·         Must be mature, flexible, and able to command the respect and confidence of inmates or detainees and staff, philosophically committed to the objectives of the facility and possess a high tolerance to mental stress.

If you are interested in applying, please complete an application (also available on this website) and mail or drop off at the LCSO, 2400 Beaumont Ave., Liberty, Texas 77575