Livestock / Estrays

Livestock/Estray Office is responsible for transporting, selling and filing notice of livestock. The general procedure once livestock is impounded by the Sheriff's Office, the Sheriff's designees make a diligent search for the identity of the owner of the estray, including a search in the County register of recorded brands, if the animal has an identifiable brand. If the search does not reveal the owner, a Notice Of Impound Of Estray is filed at the County Clerk's Office, in a newspaper and or on the internet website for at least 15 days after the date of impoundment.

When estray is redeemed by owner, in a reasonable time (within 18 days) a redemption payment (reasonable amount for maintenance and damages) will be collected, and estray released to owner.

Estray not redeemed by owner within the reasonable time, the Sheriff shall sell the estray at sheriff's sale or public auction.

Note: Owner may recover possession of Estray at any time before sale if owner provides an Affidavit of Ownership.

Frequently Asked Questions:

 Q. What are the fees for Estrays?
  • Hauling fee $125.00
  • Feed $15.00 per day per head
  • Advertising (varies)
  • Collection Fee $25.00.
 Q. What if the owner disagrees with amount of fees?
 A. If owner disagrees with amount, owner may file petition with JP.
 Q. What if owner comes forward to claim Estray after sale?
 A. Within 180 days from the date of sale, the original owner of the estray may recover net proceed of sale if owner provides:
  • Affidavit of Ownership
  • Sheriff has approved Affidavit
  • Approved Affidavit has been filed with County Clerk's Office
  • Sheriff has signed County Voucher directing payment

Contact Information:

Lela Holley 
Patrol Coordinator
Phone: 281 593-8440