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      Liberty County Sheriff’s lead Investigator Sgt. Chris Ungles confirmed today that the remains of a woman found in an abandoned church on FM 1008 in the Town of Kenefick on Wednesday, April 5th.
  • 04-10-17   Elusive Suspect Finally Arrested
      A very elusive suspect wanted by the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office on an Evading Arrest warrant was arrested by the Chambers County Sheriff’s Office after the suspect ran from them during a stolen vehicle investigation
  • 04-10-17   “Employee Of The Month” for April to be Deputy Taylor Wells
      Liberty County Sheriff Bobby Rader named the “Employee Of The Month” for April to be Deputy Taylor Wells presently assigned to the Patrol Division. This award was given not only for consistent outstanding investigative work on many of his cases but it’s one of those nomination that was motivated by one particular incident in time that could have proven, at the least, to be a critical injury to himself and a fellow Deputy or at the worse, a tragic and fatal ending for both deputies.
  • 04-06-17   Assistant Chief Deputy Clint Greenwood of Harris County Precinct 3 Constables Office who was murdered
      Assistant Chief Deputy Clint Greenwood of Harris County Precinct 3 Constables Office who was murdered in ambush style on April 3, 2017 as he reported to work at the court house may have been taken from this earth by a cowardly act of violence but from what many friends and family members said about Chief Greenwood, his legacy of being a “Policeman’s Policeman” will forever live on in the hearts of all those who knew him. No higher compliment can be paid to any Peace Officer who “wears the blue”.
  • 04-05-17   Body Found In Abandoned Church
      At approximately 10:09am today, Wednesday morning, the caretaker for the grounds and an abandoned church located in the 5900 block of FM 1008, approximately 100 yards inside the north city limits of the City of Kenefick in south Liberty County, reported a deceased female on the floor of the old church.
  • 03-16-17   Shooting of Home Owner
      As approximately 7:20am today, Investigators with the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office responded to an early morning shooting of a resident on CR 3317 in north Liberty County. According to lead Investigator Sgt. Josh Cummins, Melvin Allen Penton, age 45, was evidently at his home when an unknown male shot him in the back upper portion of his shoulder with what is thought to be an unknown caliber hand gun.
  • 03-06-17   Sheriff Bobby Rader Attends 85th. Legislature
      Liberty County Sheriff Bobby Rader was one of more than 120 Sheriffs and other law enforcement officers from around the state that visited the 85th. Legislature on Tuesday, February 28, 2017. The Sheriffs traveled from near and far in an effort to express their interest in what legislative actions are taken, show their support of lawmakers, and exhibit a strong unity among the Sheriffs of Texas.
  • 02-13-17   Sheriff Office’s Civil Division Releases 2016 Stats
      The Liberty County Sheriff’s Civil Division has released its statistics for the year 2016 which is rather impressive even with the injury and loss of one of their deputies for the last quarter of the year.
  • 01-24-17   Drug bust and arrest
      On January 23, 2017 Deputies with the Liberty County Sheriff’s Criminal Interdiction Unit conducted a traffic stop on a 2011 Cadillac CTS bearing a Texas registration. The vehicle was Northbound on Hwy-59 in Liberty County. There were two occupants in the vehicle. There was a belief that the occupants were involved in criminal activity. Both of the occupants gave their consent to search the vehicle.
  • 01-24-17   John Tucker took the Oath of Office
      This morning John Tucker took the Oath of Office from Sheriff Bobby Rader to become the newest Liberty County Sheriff’s Office deputy. John’s prior work was as a Nautical Captain.
  • 01-05-17   The Liberty County Sheriff’s Office welcomes Kent Shaffer.
      The Liberty County Sheriff’s Office welcomes Kent Shaffer. Kent is a retired DPS trooper and a retired Travis County Constable’s office deputy. He has also previously served with Lamar University Police Department as a Supervisor and with Shelby County Sheriff’s Office as the Chief Deputy. Kent will be working in the Transportation Department.
  • 01-05-17   “Puppy-Dogs-R-Us”
      Early Wednesday morning, Liberty County Sheriff’s Deputies working with the Houston S.P.C.A and armed with an animal seizure warrant issued out of Justice of the Peace Judge Larry Wilburn’s Pct. 4 court seized over 150 abused dogs, cats and one horse from a self-described animal rescue organization located on CR 6021 in west Liberty County. The facility known as “Puppy-Dogs-R-Us” sits on a 20 acre site with both the residence and several storage buildings filled with dogs in pet crates stacked four carriers high. Several of the dogs were found outside in wet and muddy pens with no cover or shelter of any kind while at least six cats were found in carriers in a dark building. The land owner told investigators that some of these dogs that were in buildings have not been seen by them in at least three weeks.
  • 01-04-17   Today the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office took another step closer to getting the Computer Aided Dispatch system up and running.
      Today the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office took another step closer to getting the Computer Aided Dispatch system up and running. A new monitor was installed that will allow the dispatchers to see where the LCSO deputies and constables are located.
  • 12-28-16   “Tis the season to be jolly”
      “Tis the season to be jolly” is a phrase we hear so frequently at Christmas and probably no better visual representation of that phrase is jolly ‘ol Santa, himself. And, it would appear that perhaps the Santa we normally see in his bright red suit is now being assisted in a supportive role by a Santa in a bright BLUE suit and more affectionately known as “Blue Santa”.
  • 12-07-16   Please help us welcome or newest Reserve Deputy Leo Organista.
      Please help us welcome or newest Reserve Deputy Leo Organista. Dep. Organista took the “oath of office” this morning, December 7th and he will be “hitting the streets” as soon as he can get his uniform.
  • 11-30-16   Two Deputies Injured In Assault
      At approximately 6:30 AM, on the morning of Wednesday, November 30th. Two Liberty County Deputies were physically attacked by 29 year old Frank Ellis Moss who lives in the Dayton, Texas area after he evaded a traffic-controlled construction site and was stopped for the traffic violation of unsafe lane change. One Deputy suffered a broken jaw, tooth and a head injury and was transported to a Houston area hospital for treatment. The second Deputy was transported to the Liberty Dayton Memorial Hospital for treatment of a knee injury and later released. Moss was arrested and charged and was not injured.
  • 10-31-16   Pace Stancil Host Law Enforcemen
      The obvious continued support for law enforcement in Liberty County was further demonstrated this past week when Pace Stancil Funeral Home of Cleveland set up their bar-b-q pit in front of the Sheriff’s Office and after cooking for many hours served all surrounding law enforcement agencies a delicious bar-b-q plate lunch with all the trimmings. Not only the Sheriff’s Office personnel was served but several other police agencies dropped by and enjoyed the food and fellowship as well.
  • 10-20-16   Faith Tabernacle Church Host Law Enforcement
      If one listens to the evening national news it might appear to the general public that the relationship between the citizens of our nation and the law enforcement community has deteriorated to the point of no return and this is certainly not the case. The support in Liberty County is alive and well between the citizens, various organizations and the law enforcement agencies as shown over the past few months by so many individuals and groups who by a few simple words of support to what was demonstrated by the Faith Tabernacle Church in the Tarkington Prairie area on October 15th. Pastor Kenneth Smith, who is also one of the Sheriff Office’s Chaplains, and his congregation pulled together a very impressive “Support For Law Enforcement” event complete with not only a delicious bar-b-q meal but a free car wash for all of the law enforcement patrol vehicles that showed up at their church.
      To say the 35th. Anniversary State Crime Stoppers Conference held this week at the La Torretta Conference Center in Montgomery County was a smashing success would be an understatement. With well over 400 Crime Stopper members from across the state attending this three-day conference and the various classes and speakers made available by the Multi-County Crime Stoppers Board of Directors this was, without a doubt, the most informative and productive Conference anyone could have ever hoped it would be. The first day was led off by a video and welcoming introduction by Governor Greg Abbott stating the many benefits of this state-wide organization and it’s important role in helping law enforcement agencies combat crime and it’s indelible impact on the Lone Star State. Governor Abbott shared his appreciation for the 2000 plus unpaid volunteers across this great State of Texas who are responsible for the positive results of Crime Stoppers in fielding more than 1.3 million “tips” from anonymous tipsters which resulted in nearly 200,000 suspects arrested and more than 1.4 Billion recovered in property and narcotics since its inception in 1981.
  • 10-06-16   Truck Driver Killed by Electrocution
      At approximately 10:30am this morning, 25 year old truck driver Thomas Mendoza Jr. of Baytown, Texas was electrocuted when the bed of his dump truck struck high line wires just off CR 2107 near Hwy. 105 in the Moss Hill area of Liberty County.

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