Assistant Chief Deputy Clint Greenwood of Harris County Precinct 3 Constables Office who was murdered

Apr 06, 2017

Assistant Chief Deputy Clint Greenwood of Harris County Precinct 3 Constables Office who was murdered in ambush style on April 3, 2017 as he reported to work at the court house may have been taken from this earth by a cowardly act of violence but from what many friends and family members said about Chief Greenwood, his legacy of being a “Policeman’s Policeman” will forever live on in the hearts of all those who knew him. No higher compliment can be paid to any Peace Officer who “wears the blue”. Well over 3000 law enforcement Officers, Firefighters and concerned citizens sat in solemn silence Thursday in the Second Baptist Church of Houston while friends and family members took center stage and spoke over the flag draped casket and told those in attendance of the real man behind the badge. Chief Greenwood was eulogized for not only being a dedicated peace officer but a common thread that ran through each spoken word was the fact of how he will always be remembered as the “smartest man” they ever knew. Coupled with that gift was a personality that also retained a good-natured and somewhat mischievous sense of humor. He drew great praise as a dedicated family man to his wife and children and to friends alike. As one speaker put it, “ Clint was the type person we could always count on, and now it’s time for him to count on us”. That same speaker stressed to the audience that no one will rest until his murderer is brought to justice.


Officers from all across the United States, and a team from Canada, as well as our own great state, gathered to bid farewell to a brother Officer. The Liberty County Sheriff’s Honor Guard was privileged to be there and represent Liberty County. They were among some of the almost 400 Honor Guard Team members who stood at attention and saluted as the pall bearers walked the casket down the long drive way to the hearse. It is awesome to see 400 Honor Guard members from so many different agencies across our nation conducting the formal movements in complete union and harmony to honor Chief Greenwood and his wife and children as they passed by and while a helicopter “fly over” took place. The funeral service ended with a 21 gun salute and then final “taps” echoed across the church property as a dispatcher was heard on the police radio calling Chief Greenwood’s radio number and saying, “ End of Watch, April 3, 2017. We have the watch from here”.  (END)  


Capt. Ken DeFoor

Public Information Officer

Liberty County Sheriff’s Office

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