Oct 06, 2017



The recent severe flooding all along the Gulf Coast area and especially in Liberty County as a result of Hurricane Harvey brought out the very best of people in their efforts to help those who were threatened and put in danger as a result of the flood waters. This help came from people who, themselves, suffered tremendous loss but put their own personal concerns aside to help those in need. Standing tall among those was the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office own Captain Billy Knox who Sheriff Bobby Rader’s selection committee gave the nod to for “Employee of the Month” for October, 2017. Although Capt. Knox had severe water damage to his own home as well as a flooded out automobile, once he secured the safety of his family, for many hours over the following two weeks, Knox headed up the rescue efforts of the Sheriff’s Office in assigning manpower as well as, himself, going out on boats and rescuing citizens off roof tops, flooded property and rendering aid wherever and whenever possible.


In announcing the selection of Capt. Knox for this monthly honor, Sheriff Rader pointed out that Knox is a hard worker and does not mind taking on the tough jobs and does not falter when ask to work assignments which are outside his job description. Capt. Knox who is the Division Commander of the agency’s Criminal Investigation Division was assigned the very important and critical position of commanding the search, rescue and evacuation operations and to assure they were handled in a proper and safe manner. His additional assignments were to assure that people and equipment were sent to the right places for assistance and during this very difficult period of time, he received many compliments on the way he handled the overall operations. The Sheriff also pointed out that during these flooding operations Knox was professional when dealing with the different agencies of local elected officials of the county, cities, state and federal as well as the citizens of Liberty County. And, as was also pointed out, this was a difficult thing to keep in proper balance in such high stress situations, but Capt. Knox handled it with calmness and a command presence that was recognized by everyone who came into contact with him.


Capt. Knox has been with the Sheriff’s Office for thirteen years and has worked his way up through the ranks to his present position over C.I.D. He has well over 5000 hours of specialized police training in many different fields as well as holding a Masters rating in law enforcement. He also heads up the agency’s specialized S.W.A.T unit. He has worked some of the agencies most high profile cases and when ask which of the many cases stand out most in his mind he quickly recalls the traffic accident on Hwy. 146 several years ago that took the lives of two small children. As he is married with four children of his own, this case hit home and will always remain within his thoughts. Capt. Knox also has the unique privilege of holding a commission as a Special Deputy U.S. Marshal. This was granted to him while he worked in a Special Joint Task Force several years ago.


Even with his busy schedule and many work related responsibilities, he does enjoy his two favorite hobbies of team roping and snow skiing. When pointed out that not a lot of snow skiing was available in Liberty County, he grins a little and says that is why he enjoys his rare trips to Colorado with his family. When ask what brought him into the career field of law enforcement, he said that he did not feel like he wanted a job where he was tied to a desk….. and now he says with a quick smile…. that’s where I find myself now most of the time but it’s a job in which he takes a great deal of pride.


With the many assets to the Sheriff’s Office that Knox offers, it is no small wonder that Sheriff Rader’s committee selected Captain Billy Knox as “Employee of the Month” for October, 2017 and the Sheriff asks everyone to give a salute to an exceptional supervisor. (END)


Capt. Ken DeFoor

Public Information Officer

Liberty County Sheriff’s Office

(Off)  (936) 336-4535

(Cell) (936) 334-4083

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