Sep 26, 2017

Liberty County Sheriff Bobby Rader ( far left in photo.) and District Attorney Logan Pickett ( far right in photo.) proudly announced the graduation of class #25 of the Citizen Police Academy on Monday, September 25th.  Both Liberty County offices co-sponsored this class of nineteen volunteer citizens who have successfully undergone ten weeks of training, one night a week, in many law enforcement related subjects such as the Texas Penal Code including U.S. Constitutional laws, Citizen On Patrol, homicide investigations, shoot/don’t shoot hands on participation, search and recovery, meth lab investigations by the district attorney’s office to name only a few subjects.


After graduation, these citizen volunteers can join the Citizen Police Academy Alumni Association and volunteer to work with any and all public service agencies within Liberty County in a support and non-front line position. The CPAAA members will be unarmed and cannot make arrest but assignments such as Citizen On Patrol, they will be riding in a marked and radio equipped patrol unit serving as a second set of eyes to “observe and report” any suspected criminal or suspicious activity in which a regular patrol unit would then be dispatched. These members can also conduct vacation home checks, work parade duty, office work, calling on delinquent warrants and many other assignments related to law enforcement or community services. Class #25 has an outstanding good cross section of citizens some of which are retired while others are still in professional career fields but all of them have one thing in common. They have a sincere desire to serve their community on a volunteer basis.


Students attending this academy all were cleared by a criminal history background check and must be at least 18 years old to attend. A common threat of realization seemed to run through the members of this academy class when several commented during the weeks that they had never fully realized before just how dangerous it is for peace officers on the streets or how involved following the legal aspects of the “letter of the law” is to each case that is investigated so it will be acceptable for later prosecution in a court of law. Several mentioned they now have a much better appreciation of how law enforcement actually works and how much different it is from what is shown on television.


Perhaps a portion of the CPAAA Mission Statement says it best when one of the stated goals reads, “ Liberty County Citizens Police Academy mission is to bring the Sheriff/Police and Community closer together by educating each other for the ultimate goal of a safer place to live and work.”.  (END)


Capt. Ken DeFoor

Public Information Officer

Liberty County Sheriff’s Office

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