“Employee Of The Month” for April to be Deputy Taylor Wells

Apr 10, 2017

Liberty County Sheriff Bobby Rader named the “Employee Of The Month” for April to be Deputy Taylor Wells presently assigned to the Patrol Division. This award was given not only for consistent outstanding investigative work on many of his cases but it’s one of those nomination that was motivated by one particular incident in time that could have proven, at the least, to be a critical injury to himself and a fellow Deputy or at the worse, a tragic and fatal ending for both deputies. On the night of March 10, 2017, Deputy Wells was assisting Deputy George Daniels and a DPS Trooper on a traffic stop on Hwy. 90 in what is known as the “river bottom” between the City of Dayton and the City of Liberty. The Trooper had arrested the driver of a vehicle and deputies were standing by with the wrecker to impound the car. While waiting on the wrecker both deputies were standing in front of one of the Sheriff’s patrol units that had all emergency lights activated. Deputy Wells said he “had a feeling” to turn around and that is when he observed another vehicle traveling at a high rate of speed and heading directly towards their patrol cars.


It was at that split second that Deputy Wells jumped into action and grabbed Deputy Daniels pushing both Daniels and himself out of harm’s way as the oncoming vehicle slammed into the back of the marked and well-lit patrol unit. Then Wells ran to the car that struck their unit to render any aid he could to the driver of that car. Dep. Wells supervisor stated that, “…. Due to Deputy Wells actions, it is believed that Deputy Wells not only kept himself from being seriously hurt but kept Deputy Daniels from being hurt or even worse, fatally injured…”. It is believed that alcohol was a contributing factor to this near fatal wreck and charges are presently pending as one witness stated the driver had just left a bar in the Dayton area.


Deputy Wells graduated from the Houston Community College Police Academy in June of 2011 and has now been with the Sheriff’s Office for over four years. He is working towards his Intermediate certification with over 1500 hours of study in various law enforcement subjects. Wells is a former Marine with an extensive background in overseas assignments and said that his Uncle had a big influence on his becoming a Deputy as his Uncle is an active Officer with another agency. When ask if the near miss that he and Deputy Daniels experienced had any effect on him or brought anything into perspective he was quick to say that he feels “God gave me a second chance”. One might even suggest that God gave Dep. Wells a third chance a few days later. Just exactly one week to the day after the wreck on Hwy. 90, he was in route to a call and was west bound on Hwy. 1960 going through Dayton when a car came out of a bar’s parking lot and began swerving from side to side in front of him. Deputy Wells initiated a traffic stop and as he got out of his car and was walking near the front fender a second vehicle came out of the parking lot of this same bar and driving along the highway’s edge was bearing down on Wells. This caused Deputy Wells to jump on the hood of his patrol car to avoid being hit by the oncoming car which came within inches of hitting him.


When the typical question of where he would like to see the Sheriff’s Office be in another ten years, his answer was perhaps influenced somewhat by the recent ambush murder of Harris County Pct. 3 Chief Constable Clint Greenwood in Baytown just a few days ago as he arrived at his assignment at the court house. Deputy Wells said one of the most important things he would like to see is for the Sheriff’s Office to have a secured parking lot for the deputies and their cars where no unauthorized persons could enter to tamper with the vehicles, their contents and thus ensuring the safety of deputies in an area that should be secure.


It’s obvious from talking to this month’s award recipient that he has the “blue blood of law enforcement” flowing through his veins and that his future wishes for the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office are all positive and progressive with hopes of additional manpower and more technology to help he and his fellow deputies serve the public in a continuing professional manner. Sheriff Rader is asking both the public and his agency to give a well-deserved salute to Deputy Taylor Wells for his quick actions in preventing serious injury to not only himself but to a fellow deputy and for his award of being the “Employee of the Month” for April, 2017.  (END)


Capt. Ken DeFoor

Public Information Officer

Liberty County Sheriff’s Office

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