Employee of the Month

Nov 07, 2017

Employee of the Month…………….  ( Please see attached photo.)


At the regular monthly meeting of the Liberty County Sheriff’s personnel , Captain Billy Knox introduced the “Employee of the Month” for the month of November as being one of those “behind the scenes” Investigators who are rarely recognized for their good work and who deals with some of the most critical cases investigated by the Sheriff’s Office. With that he announced the name of Investigator Darrell Elliott, a 21 year veteran with the Sheriff’s Office. Elliott is assigned as the Special Investigator on Crimes Against Children and comes to this assignment with over 2,200 hours of specialized training in this field as well as being an instructor in other areas of law enforcement. Some of the schools he has completed are Advanced Sexual Child Abuse, Homicide Investigation, Human Trafficking as well as being an instructor in Firearms training, a driving instructor and hand-to-hand defense tactics to name only a very few.

It’s always interesting to learn why someone chooses a particular career and in Elliott’s case it has what might be considered an “old West” influence. His Great Grandfather was a Texas Ranger in the late 1800’s when he was only 20 years old in Bay City, Texas. From there he became a Town Marshal in Hobbs, New Mexico where he was involved in a shooting of three suspects. In later years his Great Grandfather was a Town Marshal in Roth, Oklahoma. He later passed away in the 1950’s but not before fueling Darrell Elliott’s desire to follow in his Great Grandfathers footsteps of being a Peach Officer.


Investigator Elliott graduated from the Harris County Sheriff’s Academy in 1980 and remained with that agency for the next 14 years before moving on to the Pasadena I.S.D Police Department and later on to Pct. 3 Constables Office in Liberty County. He is certainly no stranger to law enforcement as he now has 37 years of law enforcement to his credit as well as a Masters rating and his education is his specialized career field is continuing. If one did not know Investigator Elliott well, they may perceive him at first glance  as being one of those Hollywood versions of the  “big tough policeman” but in reality nothing could be further from the truth when it comes to working the children abuse cases. When ask about some of his most memorable cases he has worked, he becomes thoughtful and quietly emotional when he recalls working the deaths of small children who, as yet, never had a chance at life and was killed and or abused in ways that are beyond description. This is a somewhat common thread that is reflected in many peace Officers who have spent many years working such cases over the years as many of these cases eventually blend into other similar cases and becomes difficult to recall one from another.


However, when ask about his family, he is quick to respond that the is married with two grown children but then he will quickly come back to talking about his two grandchildren with obvious pride and a wide smile. A confirmed family man he enjoys family camping trips, fishing and hunting on his off duty time. He feels that with the increased training that has been provided by Sheriff Bobby Rader over these past few years that the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office has some of the best trained deputies in the state. As an example of “conflict resolution” training he once sat down at a table and had a cup of coffee with a man that was threatening other deputies with bodily harm if they tried to arrest him. After a cup of coffee and a pleasant non-aggressive conversation the man surrendered to Elliott and the issue was resolved in a peaceful manner.


The quality of  Darrell Elliott’s investigations with a clearance rate of over 90 percent and such a deep concern and compassion for the children involved in his cases, it is no wonder that congratulations are extended to Investigator Elliott for beening selected as the “Employee of the Month” for November, 2017. (END)


Capt. Ken DeFoor

Public Information Officer

Liberty County Sheriff’s Office

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