Employee of the month

Mar 06, 2020

The first Employee of the Month for this new year at the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office was announced by Chief Don Neyland this morning at the monthly departmental meeting and it probably came as no great surprise to many that it was Investigator Ann Marie Mitchell of the Criminal Investigation Division. Investigator Mitchell could well be described as one of those employees that wears many hats within the agency and accomplishes each and every task assigned to her in the most competent manner possible. Mitchell was described by a co-worker as the “go-to” person when help is needed which includes many volunteer projects as well.


Mitchell was no stranger to law enforcement when she hired on with the LCSO on March 22, 2016 after serving with honor with  the Killeen Police Department where she graduated from their Police Academy in December of 2008. Not one to be content with the status-quo of having an Associate Degree, she was notified only two days ago that she had been accepted into the University of Mary-Hardin Baylor College to complete her Bachelor’s Degree in Organizational Leadership.

Already the holder of a Masters Certification in Law Enforcement with over 2,500 hours of police related classes such as Hostage negotiations, S.W.A.T training, serving as a licensed law enforcement Instructor and also serving as the Chairperson of the LCSO’s Departmental Policy Review Committee, Mitchell is also one of the FAA Licensed Pilots of the agencies UAV ( Unmanned Aerial Vehicle/Drone) Aviation Unit.

Yet, all these various full-time projects leaves her time to serve as the LCSO’s Field Training Officer Coordinator and being bi-lingual helps other deputies when there is a  need for a Spanish speaking Officer. And if all these assignments were not enough, Mitchell is still on rotation with other Investigators to investigate murder cases and other crimes against persons that falls within the realm of the Criminal Investigation Division. Did we say she wears many hats ?


Being married to a LCSO Investigator and having children of their own makes Ann Mitchell a very compassionate and caring family oriented  individual. She remembers a call she received while with the Killeen Police Department. A little 7 year old girl called 911 to see how fast the police would arrive. When confronted with several Police Officers responding with red lights and sirens, the child was shaking with fear of what she had done. Mitchell said after calmly explaining that calling 911 for fun was a dangerous thing to do, she allowed the young girl to sit in her police car and listen to the radio and ask questions. Within a few minutes there were several other children and their parents sitting in her patrol car while Mitchell explained police operations to each of them. This was one of the most heart-warming calls Mitchell said she has ever experienced.


Although her long term goal is to someday become Captain of the CID, her short-term favorite past-time is quilting and photography while her main objective in becoming a Peace Office was to help others. We feel that Mitchell is living her dream as she is accomplishing that objective in a very professional manner.


It is with respect and honor that the LCSO is asking the public to “tip your hat” to Investigator Ann Marie Mitchell for the many hats she wears and for being the LCSO’s Employee of the Month for March 2020. (END)  


Thank you,

Capt. Ken DeFoor

Public Information Officer

Liberty County Sheriff’s Office

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