Employee of the month for October

Oct 12, 2018

On Monday, at the Liberty County Sheriff’s monthly personnel meeting, Chief Deputy Don Neyland announced that Patrol Coordinator Lela Holley had been selected as the Employee of the month for October. As always, this honor goes to a Sheriff’s employee who has demonstrated outstanding qualities and an expertise in his or her work assignment and this month’s selection could not have been more on target.


Of all the employees selected in the past for this prestigious award, perhaps none others have had such a varied and wide range of public service and first responder assignment as have Lela Holley. Starting out her first responder duties with a local volunteer fire department gave her the opportunity to move on later as a paramedic on an ambulance. As any EMS technician will tell you, after a few years of the strenuous job of lifting people on stretchers into the back of ambulances it will take its toll on ones back. Even with all the past medical training to her credit, Holley felt it was time to move on to another calling of becoming a dispatcher with the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office.


So now as a veteran with over 13 years of both part time and full time dispatchers experience where she completed many different classes such as her Masters Communication Certificate, Crisis Communications class and many other such schools, she recently took on a very complex assignment as the Patrol Coordinator and is working out of the North end Court Annex building in Cleveland, Texas. With over 1000 hours of specialized training, she helps maintain, among other assignments, records for the agencies Environmental Deputy as well and records for the LCSO’s gun range Coordinator. This in addition to the many walk-ins experienced at the busy annex building by the general public. It can easily be said that Holley is not afraid of staying busy in her professional life as well as her personal life.


In her personal life after raising her two adult children, she is enjoying her off-duty full time job of raising her young grandson. A fact that she is obviously very proud to do as she has many stories, as most grandparents do, of the antics and stamina of a young boy. Being able to relate to young children so well was, perhaps, what helped lead to Holley getting a great deal of recognition recently when she was a dispatcher and received a 911 call from a young girl who reported that her mother was on the floor and unresponsive. Acting as a cool headed dispatcher, Holley kept the little girl on the telephone and calming her while deputies searched for the correct location of her home and the location the telephone call was coming from. Holley’s calm demeanor and calmness under pressure ended in a life-saving manner when deputies and Liberty County EMS located the correct home and assisted the unresponsive mother to a full and healthy recovery. This event found Holley appearing on a Houston television show and meeting the little girl and her mother who she helped in their time of very serious medical needs.


As with all the other ones who have received this monthly honor, Holley wants to see the Sheriff’s Office grow in manpower to address the exploding population growth within Liberty County. She voices her sincere appreciation that she has been able to work with all the past administrations as well as the present one to represent the Sheriff’s Office in the most professional way possible. It is for all these deep seated feelings that she has for the Sheriff’s Office and the County as a whole, that Sheriff Bobby Rader and all the personnel of the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office tips their hats to Lela Holley for being named the Employee of the Month for October, 2018. (END)


Thank you,

Capt. Ken DeFoor

Public Information Officer

Liberty County Sheriff’s Office

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