Faith Tabernacle Church Host Law Enforcement

Oct 20, 2016

 Faith Tabernacle Church Host Law Enforcement


FROM: Capt. Ken DeFoor

             Public Information Officer

             Liberty County Sheriff’s Office


If one listens to the evening national news it might appear to the general public that the relationship between the citizens of our nation and the law enforcement community has deteriorated to the point of no return and this is certainly not the case. The support in Liberty County is alive and well between the citizens, various organizations and the law enforcement agencies as shown over the past few months by so many individuals and groups who by a few simple words of support to what was demonstrated by the Faith Tabernacle Church in the Tarkington Prairie area on October 15th. Pastor Kenneth Smith, who is also one of the Sheriff Office’s Chaplains, and his congregation pulled together a very impressive “Support For Law Enforcement” event complete with not only a delicious bar-b-q meal but a free car wash for all of the law enforcement patrol vehicles that showed up at their church.


The day was filled with fellowship, food and fun for the various agencies that participated and no better host than the church membership could be found as they welcomed and greeted each on-duty or off-duty Officer that took part in their generosity and friendship. There are similar support events planned for all the Liberty County agencies in the near future as well as several that have already taken place by other such groups. It is this kind of relationship that is both enjoyed and appreciated by the public and law enforcement in our county and it clearly indicates that, as a whole, support for law enforcement not only locally but across the county is in truth both supportive and appreciated by groups and individuals that understands the full scope of what’s involved in that chosen profession. So, it was “hats off” to Pastor Smith and his members of the Faith Tabernacle Church for such a delightful meal and most of all for their supportive friendship and efforts to bring the community and law enforcement closer together for the common good of all. (END)


Capt. Ken DeFoor



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