Fleeing Men Discard Thousands In Cash.

Aug 20, 2016

Fleeing Men Discard Thousands In Cash.


At approximately 5:am this morning, five men fleeing in an SUV being pursued south bound on Hwy. 59 by three Liberty County Sheriff’s units in addition to Polk County units, discarded thousands of dollars in cash after their vehicle’s tires were flattened by spike strips deployed by Liberty County Sheriff’s Sgt. Travis Pierce. A large amount of money was collected and all five subjects were arrested.


According to Sgt. Pierce and Deputy Steve Rasberry, they along with Deputy Richard Whitten and units from other agencies were advised that a high speed chase was in progress from Polk County, south on Hwy. 59. Sgt. Pierce, who had only been issued the spike strips yesterday, quickly deployed the strips on Hwy. 59 which punctured three of the four tires on the escaping GMC SUV fleeing from deputies.  The vehicle continued the attempted high speed escape on rims and it was during this period of time that bundles and singles of currency were observed being thrown from the fleeing vehicle between FM 2090 and FM 1485 where the suspects were finally stopped and arrested.


According to both Sgt. Pierce and Dep. Rasberry, the five men denied any knowledge of the money and refused to give any explanation as to why they were trying to evade pursuing Sheriff’s units from two counties. Three of the men did tell Dep. Whitten they were in route to Padre Island for “spring break” until they were reminded that spring break was over this past March.


A total of over $48,000 was recovered off the side of the highway by deputies and all five men, all of which had extensive criminal records, were filed on for Tampering With Evidence and Evading Arrest.


Arrested and placed in the Liberty County jail were Marquavis Lytle, DOB 8-30-89, Deangelo Young, DOB 6-1-91, Deandre Brown, DOB 11-3-89, Reginald Black, DOB 3-21-91 and Chaka Grady, DOB 5-13-91. All five men had home addresses from in and around Nashville, Tennessee. (End)


Capt. Ken DeFoor





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