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Mar 08, 2019

Dep. Lucero Castro LCSO Employee of the Month


Liberty County Sheriff’s Chief Deputy Don Neyland proclaimed  Patrol Deputy Lucero Castro, at the monthly personnel meeting, as this month’s Employee of the Month. In reading the impressive attributes of Castro from a fellow deputy who recommended her for this honor, it became clear to all attending that it takes a very special personality type to demonstrate these unique qualities on a daily basis and many times under very stressful situations. However, those who know Castro well can attest to her ready smile, high work ethics and willingness to accept any assignment without complaint and accomplish those assignments with the type of finesse and artful performance that normally take many years of law enforcement experience to accomplish.


In was only in October of 2017 when Castro completed the Liberty County Sheriff’s Police Academy, but her abilities were recognized early and she was hired on with the Sheriff’s Office after having spent the prior seven years working in the County Clerk’s Office. She presently is working towards her Intermediate certification by attending as many in-service classes as she can with her eventual goal to be an Investigator with the Sheriff’s Office.  


Dep. Castro’s reasons for becoming a Peace Officer are not so different from what one hears from so many other career- centered law enforcement Officers and that is a sincere desire to serve the public and to help people when and where they can.

A case in point is the fact that only the day before being awarded this prestigious honor, Castro and fellow Deputy Chance Maddox, while on duty, were having lunch at a local restaurant when the waitress ask them if they knew anyone who had a bicycle for sale at a reasonable price or that may want to give a bicycle away. She went on to explain that she was having to walk to and from work each day because she did not have a car.


Not being able to help the waitress by knowing of a bicycle that was for sale, her need so touched the hearts of both Castro and Maddox that when they left the restaurant, they went to WalMart and bought the waitress a new bicycle and brought it back to the restaurant and gave it to her as a gift. It’s these kind of generous gestures that many law enforcement Officers do on a daily basis that go unheard of but yet far exceed the more negative news items the public is bombarded with on the six o’clock evening news that tends to cast a shadow over these more positive aspects of law enforcement. This personal drive of Castro to help where she can is probably why she says that much of her off-duty time is spent in a close family relationship and leaves little time for outside hobbies.


A large round of applause from fellow co-workers when Chief Neyland announced the recipient of this award can only reinforce the Sheriff’s Office request that the community they serve join the agency is a salute and a tip of the hat to Deputy Lucero Castro for being named the Employee of the Month for March, 2019. (END)


Thank you,

Capt. Ken DeFoor

Public Information Officer

Liberty County Sheriff’s Office

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