Oct 13, 2016







To say the 35th. Anniversary State Crime Stoppers Conference held this week at the La Torretta Conference Center in Montgomery  County was a smashing success would be an understatement. With well over 400 Crime Stopper members from across the state attending this three-day conference and the various classes and speakers made available by the Multi-County Crime Stoppers Board of Directors this was, without a doubt, the most informative and productive Conference anyone could have ever hoped it would be. The first day was led off by a video and welcoming introduction by Governor Greg Abbott stating the many benefits of this state-wide organization and it’s important role in helping law enforcement agencies combat crime and it’s indelible impact on the Lone Star State. Governor Abbott shared his appreciation for the 2000 plus unpaid volunteers across this great State of Texas who are responsible for the positive results of Crime Stoppers in fielding more than 1.3 million “tips” from anonymous tipsters which resulted in nearly 200,000 suspects arrested and more than 1.4 Billion recovered in property and narcotics since its inception in 1981.


The Multi-County Crime Stoppers organization is a partnership of Montgomery County, Liberty County and San Jacinto County and attending and  representing their respective counties were the Sheriffs of each county including our own Liberty County Sheriff Bobby Rader. Other elected County Officials from Montgomery County and San Jacinto were present representing their counties as well. All Crime Stopper organizations from across the state are supported by public donations and probation fees from their respective counties and both Montgomery and San Jacinto Counties are deeply involved in supporting our local Multi-County Crime Stopper organization which have resulted in many arrests for felony offenses across the three counties. This three-county program is truly a Crime Stopper “partnership” that has resulted not only in the clearing of several “across county lines” cases but a much better interaction between investigators from each agency and the public as well. During the awards portion of the conference, the local Multi-County Crime Stoppers organization walked away with two awards. One for the best Crime Stopper state-wide media production and the second for the best Crime Stopper web-site. Various other cities and counties received awards for most cases cleared and dollar amount recovery according to their respective populations.


Many classes were available to members throughout the three-day conference, such as Marketing & Fundraising, Evolving Terrorism & Awareness, Crime Stopper Operational Guidelines, Ethics & Legal Updates and a wide assortment of other subjects all taught by very knowledgeable Instructors. However, perhaps one of the most significant aspects of this conference was the quality of the guest speakers provided by our local Multi-County Crime Stopper organization.


Leading off this list of impressive speakers on the first day of the conference was Sheriff David Clarke ( pictured) of the Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Office in Wisconsin who spoke on “The State of Policing in America”. Sheriff Clarke is a frequent guest commentator for national news services and organizations regarding law enforcement , Second Amendment, homeland security issues and has been interviewed by CBS Evening News, CNN and many other news outlets. He is truly a “policeman’s policeman” and a strong advocate for law enforcement.


The final day was packed with three very dynamic speakers to top off the three-day Conference. First was Ms. KT McFarland, National Security Analyst who spoke on “The Next President: What’s in His or Her Foreign Policy Inbox?” Ms. McFarland has served in national security posts in the Nixon, Ford and Reagan administrations. She was an aide to Dr. Henry Kissinger at the White House. She spoke to the members about the importance of Foreign Policy and it was quite obvious that she is well versed in her profession.


Following Ms. McFarland was Officer Gregory Stevens of the Garland Police Department who confronted two fully armed ISIS sympathizers with automatic rifles and clad in body armor in a shoot-out armed only with his .45 caliber semi-automatic pistol. This resulted in the death of both Terrorist and no injury to Officer Stevens who stated, “There was an Angel on my shoulder”. The Terrorist had 1500 rounds of ammunition and sixteen weapons in their vehicle and they were trying to force their way into a large public event to kill as many people as they could. Officer Stevens’ actions spoke volumes of his heroic courage under fire and in defense of the public he was sworn to protect. Officer Stevens was awarded the Medal of Valor by President Barack Obama for this selfless act of bravery.


Capping off the evening on the last day was Captain Clay Higgins, Deputy Marshal for the City of Lafayette. Capt. Higgins has become one of the nation’s most influential Officers and out-spoken advocate of what he calls…. “The sacred oath of the badge”. He states that the sworn oath is not to a Sheriff or a Chief or a Marshal…. It’s an oath of allegiance to the Constitution. Clearly Capt. Higgins is a man of strong faith, passion, conviction and compassion not only for the victims of crime but for the offender and his rehabilitation as well. It has been well documented that Capt. Higgins’ Crime Stopper method of looking directly into the T.V. camera and telling particular individuals who have outstanding felony warrants on them to come in and surrender has resulted in twenty-two felony offenders doing exactly what Capt. Higgins ask them to do.


There are Crime Stopper volunteers working with law enforcement agencies all across this great State of Texas to help solve crimes and help  recover victims’ stolen property and eliminate drug traffic but the greatest ingredient in this “partnership” is the assistance the public can provide by reporting “tips” to their local Crime Stopper organization. Crime Stoppers can only be as effective as the public helps it to be. (End )


By: Capt. Ken DeFoor

LCSO Crime Stopper Coordinator

Public Information Officer  

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