Sheriff Office’s Civil Division Releases 2016 Stats

Feb 13, 2017

Sheriff Office’s Civil Division Releases 2016 Stats.


The Liberty County Sheriff’s Civil Division has released its statistics for the year 2016 which is rather impressive even with the injury and loss of one of their deputies for the last quarter of the year. The Civil Division faired reasonable well in 2016, thanks, in large part to the awesome Civil Staff which took great interest even though they were working under staffed and the Patrol Division which stepped up and assisted in serving various papers and subpoenas.


Total of all documents received:


Citations:                1,087

Subpoenas:                809

All Writs:                     85

Orders Of Sale:          166

TOTAL:                   2,147


Total of all Documents Returned ( served or unserved )


Citations:                1,092

Subpoenas:                803

All Writs:                     81

Orders of Sale:           156

TOTAL:                     2,132      


Total actual money brought into the County of Liberty:


Tax Properties sold at Sheriff’s Sale:            $602,806.16

Sheriff’s Service Fees Collected at S.O.:       $   34,471.97

Attorney General Partial Fees Paid:               $19,503.00

Service Fees Collected at CC/DC Offices:     $27,675.00

Service Fees Collected on Removed Prop:     $7,200.00

TOTAL:                                                        $ 691,656.13


Service of Documents Exempt From Service Fees:


If a fee was charged, this dollar amount would be:  $67,725.00


Total Value of Tax Properties BID-OFF at Sheriff’s Sales: $941,367.75. NO monies were received nor exchanged. This is value of Real Property bid-off to the County and other Taxing Agencies because no bids were received at Sheriff’s Sales.



Capt. Ken DeFoor












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