Team Effort Between Citizens and Law Enforcement Result in Multiple Criminal Charges.

Apr 24, 2020

Team Effort Between Citizens and Law Enforcement Result in Multiple Criminal Charges.

What initially began as an appeal to the public from the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office in conjunction with the Multi-County Crime Stoppers for the identity of burglary and theft suspects recorded on a security camera has evolved into the arrest of 22 year old Domanik Jason Jackson of the Cleveland area in what can best be described as a cooperative effort between alert citizens and law enforcement. This was a classic example of how crimes can be solved when such close cooperation exists between these two entities.

Shortly after LCSO Lead Patrol Investigator Deputy Cade Lowery conducted an investigation on the burglary of a storage building in far north Liberty County and security camera images were posted, Cleveland Police Department Detective Kevin Cooke recognized one of the suspects and the stolen truck in the footage as being a suspect in several of their Cleveland burglary and theft cases. This began a close working relationship between Dep. Lowery and Det. Cooke in this on-going investigation with Lowery giving Cooke and his partner, Det. John Shaver a great deal of credit for their help in clearing many of these cases.

In the meantime, the owner of the storage building where a generator was stolen was, himself, driving around in an attempt to spot the Ford pick-up truck the men were driving when the storage building was broken into. He did, in fact, spot the truck and the occupants fled eventually wrecking the stolen truck with the driver escaping but a female passenger was detained by the citizen for authorities.

As the search continued by both law enforcement agencies for Jackson who was already charged by the Cleveland Police Department with several felony offenses, in steps a very alert private citizen who reported a suspicious vehicle parked at a Cleveland business. Cleveland Officers found Jackson in the vehicle and arrested him on their outstanding warrants.

As the follow-up investigation continued, both Lowery and Cooke located a camper trailer stolen out of Harris County and a vehicle stolen out of Montgomery County all located in Jackson’s possession. Dep. Lowery filed charges on Jackson for the theft of the camper trailer and shortly afterwards another felony theft charge was placed on Jackson for a stolen 4 wheeler.

Although numerous felony and misdemeanor charges have been filed on Domanik Jason Jackson and he is presently in the Liberty County Jail, Dep Lowery stressed that the investigation is continuing by both agencies with possible future arrest and charges at a later date. (END)

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