“Tis the season to be jolly”

Dec 28, 2016

“Tis the season to be jolly” is a phrase we hear so frequently at Christmas and probably no better visual representation of that phrase is jolly ‘ol Santa, himself. And, it would appear that perhaps the Santa we normally see in his bright red suit is now being assisted in a supportive role by a Santa in a bright BLUE suit and more affectionately known as “Blue Santa”. So it was only natural, when the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office held it’s Christmas party this week, for “Blue Santa” to show up and hand out gifts of candy to the law enforcement personnel in attendance. It was only possible to interview our Blue Santa for a very short time as his schedule is so full and he is so pressed for time but Santa was quoted as saying, “…. His efforts as Blue Santa is meant to be a positive image of law enforcement Officers and others in support for all agencies throughout our country but especially those in Liberty County...” He went on to say, “ … Santa is about giving to others and Christmas is about God giving us the Christ child and the greatest gift ever given was the Son of God…”.

With that, a big jolly laugh, a twinkle in his eye and a friendly wave, our Blue Santa was away on his next mission which appeared to be the CTC Faith Tabernacle Church on Hwy. 321.


It was there that our Blue Santa showed up and amazed all the children by appearing in his most unusual blue Santa suit. Quite a different sight than children are normally accustomed to seeing but it was reported that all the children, both young and old, enjoyed the “new” Santa. The “youngsters”, again both young and old, stood in line to have their pictures taken with jolly ‘ol Santa Clause even if some of the smaller children had to “tippy-toe” to give Santa a kiss on his cheek.


Again, because of his press for time it was not possible to interview Santa, himself, but one little helper agreed to speak on the condition of anonymity. He told us this is the first year for this particular Blue Santa and the hopes are that it will become a tradition in Liberty County as Blue Santa even has plans on visiting the Sheriff’s Office on Christmas night to fellowship with the Deputies who are having to work that night and can’t be with their own families. And… if “Rudolph” is not too tired to lead all the other rain deer then he also plans to visit the Dayton, Liberty and Cleveland police departments on Christmas night as well. Seeing as how this little “Santa’s helper” was so talkative, we decided to press the issue for the true identity of our Blue Santa who was spreading so much joy and good will within Liberty County. Here, because of a sworn code that all helpers evidently must make, it was not possible to say for SURE who the Blue Santa might be but according to this little helper, the rumor is this Santa just MIGHT be Rev. Ken Smith of the CTC Faith Tabernacle Church on Hwy. 321. Rev. Smith was contacted to either confirm or deny that he is, in fact, the Blue Santa and all we were able to gain from that interview was a big jolly laugh and a twinkle in his eye.


So, from the Blue Santa, whoever he may be, and on behalf of all Liberty County law enforcement agencies whom he supports, you and your families are wished “Peace on earth and good will towards men”.  (End)


Capt. Ken DeFoor

Public Information Officer

Liberty County Sheriff’s Office


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